Origo Systems TM has made cooling systems and freezing systems for companies all over the word, like Norway, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Chile, Brazil, USA and many more. Here are our references :


Company / Project

 Norway  Åsanøy
 Norway  Høyken
 Norway  Giske
 Norway  Solhaug
 Cape Town  Marine Sea
 Nigaragua  Sunde
 Russia  Alexi mid,ltd
 Russia  Alexi mid,ltd
 Russia  Maxim ltd
 Russia  Maxim ltd
 Norway  SG – Finans
 Norway  Langøy
 Scotland  Sesar
 Namibia  Sea Marine
 Norway  SG – Finans
 Russia / USA  Sandy
 Russia / USA  Koene mar
 Russia / USA  Olenty Atlan
 Norway  Ferno Ans
 Sweden  Lakes Import
 Sweden  Cormix ltd
 Sweden  Power tec ltd
 England  Power Marine
 Norway  Remøy
 Finland  Aquatu-Finland oy
 Finland  Aquatub-Finland Oy
 Sweden  Aquatub AB
 Sweden  AG group ltd
 Sweden  Abba system AB
 Finland  Trendo OY
 Finland  aquatub ltd
 Denmark  T-fish AS
 Denmark  Marin AS
 England  Persco ltd
 England  Ide- fish ltd
 England  Fresh-fish ltd
 Russia  Polo-Group ltd
 Russia  Maxin-Group ltd
 Poland  Ice –mark
 Poland  Ito-Group
 Indland  Bala-Graup ltd
 Indland  Bala – Market ltd
 Pakistan  Guna –mark ltd
 Pakistan  Qfish -group ltd
 Uganda  Vict-lake ltd
 Finland  Veento- kun oy
 Finland  Aqua-tub oy
 Finland  Fresh- fish oy
 Kenya  IP-mark ltd
 Uganda  Talley- fish ltd
 Finland  AB-Systems ltd
 Sweden  HG-fish AB
 Indland  Guna-fish ltd
 Chile  CH vessels ltd
 Brazil  Esto- fish ltd
 Brazil  AG- Shrims
 Pakistan  Pf- market
 Finland  Aquatub Finland  OY
 Sweden  Gøte system AB
 France  Lions  fish  ltd
 Marocco  Bala,s  Food ltd

Origo Systems TM systems are environmental friendly and saves CO2.