Origo Systems TM – Flow ice / cooling system

flow iceFloice fast cooling. Good slaughter management affects fish welfare and quality. In order to maximize earnings and to meet all the highest demand in the food industry. The result of rapid chilling is a larger catch of better quality FISH with a longer shelf life.It is the world,s formemost cooling system, which are used in fish industries (marine fishing, Aquaculture & processing ), Supermarkets (food refrign), Cold Store & refrigerated transportation. Meat & Poultry Processing, Food & Beverage Production (bread, cheese, juice concentrates, ice cream, rich wine, frozen & carbonated beverages), Fruit, Vegetable & Flower Cooling, Seawater Desalination, Thermal energy Storage systems and Air-conditioners.

Capacity:  1 t pr. 24h  up to 200 t pr 24 hr


chilling mackerel


Injuries and blemishes Slimy skin
Gaping of the flesh Discoloration
Slowed rigor mortis Weight loss
Softening of the flesh Deterioration of overall appearance
Unpleasant odor Stale flavor
Bacterial proliferation Appearance
Decay and rot Properties
Freshness and sensory Qualities
Shelf life

The ice Generator is made of stainless steel.

Automatice electric control panel box.

Water  / air cooled condenser.

Set of installation instruction, User manual, applicable drawing  and diagrams.

To technicians/supervision, system start up and training, local experts.

Product guarantee: All components carry a one year limited and  manufacture´s guarantee from date of disparch, subject to terms  and conditions and warranty as stated in user manual.

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