Origo Super Fast I.Q.F freezing systems/ Cooler systems

This is a revolutionary method of Quick Freezing. Instead of air blast freezer, our Super Fast I.Q.F freezing systems/ Cooler system freezes product with super-conductive liquid to get shorter frozen time and better frozen quality.

It is good for all products, especially for aquatic food. Conventional air-cooled chiller blow cold air on the products, because of the high heat-resistance of air, heat exchange is very slow, resulting in very long freezing time. More importantly, it will take too much time in the ice crystal formation zone (0℃ to -5℃) that produces a large ice crystal inside the cells, tearing the membrane of cells, causing the loss of the nutrition, protein and electrolytes during defrosting.

Our Super Fast I.Q.F freezer/ Cooler system will solve those problems. With our special super-conductive liquid, we will get more efficiency of heat exchange, shorter freezing time, about 1/10 times as that of air cooled freezer (Figure 1).

It will make great homogeneous temperature of product due to its less freezing time. The substance in the cell is almost unchanged, so the flavor and texture is as same as fresh after defrosting.






Air Blast freezer Origo´s Super Fast I.Q.F freezer / Cooler system
Freezing time 3 hours ( the cell is damaged owing to big ice crystal formed, there is air space left after defrosting and the taste has been changed) 15 minutes ( the cell is not damaged because of small ice crystals formed, same taste as a fresh crab)
After freezing  fillet_1v_up  fillet_1r_up
Defrosting  fillet_2v_down  fillet_2r_down























Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity (kg/h) Dimensions (mm) Freezing temperature Freezing time ( Min ) Cooling Capacity Installed Power
LQF-50 50 1300x1400x1000 35℃― -30℃ 5 – 15 10kw 10kw
LQF-100 100 2600x1400x100 35℃― -30℃ 5 – 15 10kw 16kw
LQF-150 150 3400x1400x1000 35℃― -30℃ 5 – 15 29kw 26kw





Evaporative temperature : -40℃; Condensing temperature: +45℃.

Cooling Capacity is based on shrimps of 72 percentages moist.


Shorter freezing time, 1/10 as that of conventional freezer

Keep flavor and fresh

Disinfected by Quick and Low temperature freeze

Lower energy consumption

Food-grade super-conductive liquid

Individual freeze effect