Origo ice-crusher / fresh water blender for seafood & meat processing machinery

The Origo-ice-crusher / fresh water blender blender is developed to the highest standards for food processing machinery. The product is made of food grade materials. Careful concern is taken in hygiene and therefor easy to access all parts of the blender. All food grade reagents are accepted. All electronic components are sealed in water proof enclosure.
The control panel is simple understand and operate. The operator can select from number of preprogrammed features as well as compose a new formula. The control computer can be linked to any standard PC net.

All blender processes were the mixture is a pumpable liquid after the blender stage. An example of application is making of a liquid ice for cooling various food stuffs.

 Double shell plated stainless steel construction
 Simple to operate and easy to access for cleaning
 Drain pump
 Fully automatic
 Graphical display
 Easy to operate

Ice crusher make flakeice to dry ice ,mix with freswater or salt water system on the market low energy and if byer have icem achin this system can make dry ice snow and liquid ice with freshwater or seawater.

Origo Systems TM systems are environmental friendly and saves CO2.
For technical information and details please contact: info@co2saving.net