Origo Ice Containers

The non isolated ice container is used to store conventional ice for limited periods. It delivers the ice at specific rate according to customers needs.

The ice container serves as a temporary storage unit for any kind of conventional ice (flake ice, shell ice etc.). The appliance is not used for storing conventional ice for long periods.
The structure is solely made of stainless steel. The floor of the container is covered with screws driven with one gear motor.

All types of conventional ice or similar material.
The ice container is a standard unit specially designed to fit for the Origo system that generates liquid ice.

Stainless steel construction
Compact and hygienic
Simple to operate and easy to access and clean
Low noise
One gear motor

Transport the ice to the ice crusher for making liquid ice

Origo Systems TM systems are environmental friendly and saves CO2.

Fore technical information and details please contact: info@co2saving.net