About us

Need ice systems, slurry ice, flow ice or other cooling systems?

Origo Systems TM is an high tech engineering and equipment manufacturing company, based on norwegian standards and specialized in the food handling and processing technology. The designing service as well as constrution and installation of processing lines and stand-alone equipment. With more rhan 15 years of history in business the company has gained waste knowledeg and experince. A number,of products and system solutions have been developed, installed and tested. The product range is from on-board processing equipment to land based processing systems, being either simple units ore fully automatic high capacity systems. All systems are developed in close collaboration with the client and our equipment is adopted to the clients need.

Origo is the world’s foremost manufacturer of Origo- Floice and Slurry – Air™ Ice Systems, which are used in the Fish Industries (open water fishing, aquaculture, and processing), Food Refrigeration, Meat and Poultry Processing, Food & Beverage Production (juice concentrates, ice cream, rich wine, frozen, carbonated beverages), Flower Cooling, Thermal Energy Storage and Air-conditioners, and Seawater Desalination. Origo is capable of providing fully integrated, standard and customized solutions for a great variety of chilling and cooling needs, as well as for advanced applications in energy storage and desalination processes.

Origo´s Origo-Slurry™ Ice – Air is soft, homogenous, and pumpable; its microscopically small ice crystals, mixed with air or gas bubbles, offer the most efficient and rapid chilling possible. The unrivaled Origo´s icemakers use a proprietary and patented production method, which offers userproven advantages over its competitors. They are highly efficient in heat transfer and energy consumption, offer a high output in terms of real ice production, use the highest hygienic, hydraulic and electrical safety standards, and are environmentally friendly.

Origo systems have been in continuous operation with just brief interruptions for normal maintenance and cleaning of circuits and filters, and have proven their reliability under the most stringent conditions, like on fish trawlers in the arctic seas, in extreme temperatures at shrimp farms in the desert. in crowded fish markets, and making Origo Slurry™ Ice using seawater of more than 32°C.

All our refrigeration systems are environmental friendly and saves CO2

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