Origo IQF Belt – Freezer

The Origo IQF-freezer is designed according to the highest standards for food processing machinery. The product is made of food grade materials. High concern is taken in hygiene and easy access to all parts of the machine, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. All electronic components are water tight and the machine can be cleaned with water and all food grade reagents

The freezer is normally fitted with an in-feeding conveyor prior to the freezing stage. In case of fish fillets freezing, a glazing unit is often installed by the freezer outlet.


The freezer is suitable for fish fillets as well as all types of food stuffs cartons.


* Stainless steel construction

* Compact and hygienic

* Simple to operate and easy to access and clean

* Fully automatic

* Low noise

* Long operating periods between defrosting

* Connection to computer network available

Origo Systems TM systems are environmental friendly and saves CO2.